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Self Priming Pump

A self-priming pump is a type of centrifugal pump that utilises a mixture of air and water to establish a fully primed pumping condition. This versatile pump can be employed in a variety of applications, including handling dirty water and corrosive chemicals.

The pump operates by creating a vacuum effect, drawing air into the pump chamber through the impeller’s rotation. The air is then mixed with liquid in the casing, a process that relies on the presence of fluid in the casing area. It is essential to have liquid present in the casing, as the absence of water would hinder the priming process, potentially causing damage to the seal and ultimately leading to pump failure.

Self-priming pumps have numerous applications, including the transfer of clean, contaminated, and muddy waters, as well as handling corrosive and wastewater. They are also used in naval applications for loading and unloading.

In agricultural settings, these pumps can be used for surface irrigation, transferring and spraying fertilisers, must transfer, and washing, as well as serving as a general water pressure booster. Our comprehensive range offers various options in terms of power, volume capacity, and gear pump levels.

AES Rewinds offers a broad range of self-priming pumps from leading manufacturers, including GMP, Koshin, Villiers, and Pentair. If you are unsure about the type of priming pump or booster unit you require, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert team members, who will be happy to guide you through your options.

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