Engine Driven Pumps

Our range of petrol and diesel engine-driven pumps are self-priming, centrifugal pumps suitable for various applications. These pumps are versatile as they are powered by engines and do not require electrical power, making them suitable for use even in remote areas. Additionally, they are compact and portable, allowing for easy transportation when necessary. We stock the following types of Engine Driven Pumps.

General Purpose Engine Pumps

Our general-purpose Honda engine-powered pumps are suitable for both clean and black water. They are a good choice for a variety of uses including agriculture, construction, civil defence, irrigation, fire protection, and flood drainage.

Plastic Bodied Engine Pumps

Plastic-bodied engine pumps are ideal for pumping corrosive fluids like liquid fertiliser, agricultural chemicals, and sea water. The model’s durable polyester casing resists corrosion that a metal pump would not be able to withstand.

Semi-Trash Engine Pumps

Semi-trash engine pumps are equipped with a hard-wearing silicon shaft seal for extended lifespan and can effectively pump water containing soft solids. However, for water that contains large solids, the Trash Duty pump would be more suitable.

Trash Duty Engine Pumps

Trash duty engine pumps are a heavy-duty upgrade to semi-trash pumps. They feature hard-wearing silicone seals for long life and a larger discharge opening that enables the pump to transfer larger solids. These pumps can handle water with suspended solids and are equipped with a quick-release cover for easy removal of blockages.

We are committed to bringing you the market’s latest, leading and extensive range of engine driven pumps. AES Rewinds’ team of pump specialists has hand selected an established and reputable selection of pump manufacturers to find you an engine drive pump that is specific for you and your needs.

If you have any specific requirements, please get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be on hand to help.

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