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Dirty Water Pumps

A dirty water pump is a specialised pump designed to handle wastewater or dirty water containing solid debris, such as sand, mud, or other contaminants.

When is a dirty water pump necessary?

Dirty water pumps are incredibly versatile and suitable for both domestic and professional applications. They are ideal for use in various situations, including construction sites, homes, and gardens. Top brands like GMP, JS, and DAB are popular choices among consumers and contractors alike.

These pumps are commonly used in locations where excavations are taking place, and groundwater needs to be drained before work can resume. They are also perfect for use in gardens, crawl spaces, ponds, construction sites, flooded outdoor areas, and the shipping industry.

How does a dirty water pump work?

The operation of a dirty water pump is straightforward. Simply place the pump in the water that needs to be drained. Like submersible pumps, dirty water pumps feature a suction grid with an impeller at the bottom. This allows the water, including solid particles, to be drawn in and crushed by the impeller. The water then flows towards the pump outlet, where a discharge hose or pipe can be connected to drain the water.

One limitation of dirty water pumps is that they cannot drain a space or sump pit completely dry. This is because the pump requires sufficient space at the bottom to draw in large solid particles without becoming clogged.

Need help selecting the right dirty water pump?

If you need assistance finding the perfect dirty water pump, our team at AES Rewinds is here to help. Browse our products and contact us for expert advice tailored to your requirements.

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