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Dreno Compatta Vortex Pumps 230v & 400v

Introducing Dreno Compatta Vortex Pumps, the ideal solution for pumping residential sewage. With a small size and powerful performance, these submersible pumps are effective to handle both domestic and commercial wastewater. Featuring a cast iron pump body and impeller, they can handle solids up to 40mm. Suitable for heavy-duty applications, these pumps are a must-have for anyone dealing with sewage or dirty water.

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Manufactured by Dreno, the Compatta Vortex Pumps is a range of submersible sewage pumps that are ideal for the domestic and commercial wastewater markets.

The pump’s main components are fabricated in cast iron GG20. In the standard configuration, a lip seal is fitted to the motor side and a mechanical seal to the impeller side. The Compatta Series is ideal for pumping residential sewage thanks to its small size and mechanical characteristics.

Maximum liquid temperature 40°C. Maximum depth of immersion 20 metres. Power cable 10 metres. Many of the Dreno pump ranges are available ATEX-approved.


  • Cast Iron Pump Body
  • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Max Solids 22/32 Series 40mm
  • 4/55 Series 50mm


  • Heavy Duty
  • Sewage
  • Dirty Water

Models in this range



COMPATTA 22M MANUAL230v2″420/80.563.6400x175x22515200-0020
COMPATTA 22T MANUAL400v2″420/80.561.7400x175x22515200-0022
COMPATTA 22TG AUTO400v2″420/80.561.7400x175x22515200-0023
COMPATTA 32M MANUAL230v2″480/100.755.2399x175x22517200-0026
COMPATTA 32T MANUAL400v2″480/100.751.9399x175x22517200-0028
COMPATTA 32TG AUTO400v2″480/100.751.9399x175x22517200-0029
COMPATTA 4M MANUAL230v2″510/131.17.6444x176x22619200-0032
COMPATTA 4T MANUAL400v2″510/131.12.9444x176x22619200-0034
COMPATTA 4TG AUTO400v2″510/131.12.9444x176x22619200-0031
COMPATTA 55MG AUTO230v2″540/151.59.9444x176x22621200-0035
COMPATTA 55TG AUTO400v2″540/151.53.9444x176x22621200-0039


Dreno Compatta Vortex Data Sheet

Dreno Compatta Vortex User Manual


Additional information


COMPATTA 22M 230v, COMPATTA 22T 400v, COMPATTA 22TG Automatic 400v, COMPATTA 32M 230v, COMPATTA 32T 400v, COMPATTA 32TG Automatic 400v, COMPATTA 4TG Automatic 400v, COMPATTA 4M 230v, COMPATTA 4T Manual 400v, COMPATTA 55MG Automatic 230v, COMPATTA 55TG Automatic 400v



230v, 400v

Flow Rate

401 – 450 l/min, 451 – 500 l/min, 501 – 550 l/min

Max Head

0 – 10m, 11- 20m

Pump Material

Cast Iron

Liquid Type

Dirty Water, Sewage


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