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JS JST SV Sewage Vortex Submersible Pumps 400v

Introducing the JST-SV Submersible Pumps 400v. Designed to handle soft solids and waste, this pump is available in freestanding or guide rail mounted options. With twin mechanical seals and a lubricated chamber, it guarantees reliable performance. Perfect for heavy-duty, clean or dirty water drainage.

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The JST-SV Submersible Pumps 400v contains a side vertical outlet (removable for coupling foot) submersible sewage vortex impeller pumps, allowing soft solids to be passed through the pump body to waste. Available freestanding or as a guide rail mounted pump, it has twin mechanical seals, carbon ceramic and silicon carbide in a lubricated chamber.

Complete with 10 metres of power cable. Hose tails are supplied up to and including model JST-37 SV. JST-37 SV (57mm) is a high-head version with a 57mm solid handling capability. The standard JST-37 SV (80mm) is the standard version with an 80mm solid and reliable handling capability.


  • Cast Iron
  • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Max Solids JST4-15(H) 6mm
  • JST22(H)-75(H) 10mm


  • Heavy Duty
  • Clean Water
  • Dirty Water
  • Drainage

Models in this range

Pasted 19


JST-4 SV400v2″250/ x 140 x 28015.4012-698
JST-8 SV400v3″450/80.751.8470 x 170 x 34529.4012-768
JST-15 SV400v3″720/121.53.2515 x 170 X 35736.6012-774
JST-22 SV 2 POLE400v3″1000/182.24.6580 x 210 X 43052.2011-026
JST-22 SV4 POLE400v3″1300/82.24.6650 x 255 x 48059.6011-025
JST-37 SV (80mm)400v3″1370/123.77.9660 x 255 X 48061.2011-040
JST-37 SV (57mm)400v3″1235/233.77.9660 X 255 X 48061.2011-052
JST-55 SV4 POLE400v4″2650/145.511.5830 x 310 X 650125012-788
JST-75 SV4 POLE400v4″3175/15.57.515.2830 x 310 x 650135012-792



JS JST SV Data Sheet

Additional information


JST-4SV 2" 400v, JST-8SV 3" 400v, JST-15SV 3" 400v, JST-22SV 3" 400v 4 Pole, JST-22SV 3" 400v 2 Pole, JST-37SV 3" 1370/12 80mm 400v, JST-37SV 3" 1235/23 57mm 400v, JST-55SV 4" 400v, JST-75SV 4" 400v




Flow Rate

201 – 250 l/min, 401 – 450 l/min, 701 – 750 l/min, 1000 l/min +

Max Head

0 – 10m, 11- 20m, 21 – 30m

Pump Material

Cast Iron

Liquid Type

Dirty Water, Sewage


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