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JS SV Sewage Vortex Submersible Pumps Single Phase

Introducing JS SV Sewage Vortex Submersible Pumps Single Phase. With its high output and ability to handle large soft solids, this pump is perfect for drainage, dirty water, and sewage applications. Featuring a stainless steel shaft, cast iron body, and twin mechanical seals, it guarantees durability and efficiency.

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The JS SV Sewage Vortex Submersible Pumps Single Phase range is designed to allow a high output while passing generously-sized soft solids. The pumps have a side vertical outlet (removable for coupling foot), twin mechanical seals, carbon ceramic and silicon carbide in a lubricated chamber.

Consists of a stainless steel shaft and motor case as well as a cast iron lower motor bearing/seal housing, motor top cover and volute. Complete with 10 metres of power cable. Hose tails are supplied with all models. Suitable for drainage, dirty water and sewage applications. Automatic pumps are fitted with MAC-3 floats, allowing approximately 300mm away from the pump to operate correctly.


  • Cast Iron Pump Body
  • Cast Iron Vortex Impeller
  • Max Solids
  • JS400SV 650SV 35mm
  • JS750SV 46mm JS1500SV 65mm


  • Heavy Duty
  • Dirty Water
  • Drainage
  • Sewage

Models in this range

Pasted 21Specifications

JS-400SV MANUAL230v2″260/ x 160 x 27518.6012-410
JS-400SV AUTO230v2″260/ x 160 x 27518.6012-410A
JS-400SV MANUAL110v2″260/ x 160 x 27518.6012-414
JS-400SV AUTO110v2″260/ x 160 x 27518.6012-414A
JS-650SV MANUAL230v2″360/120.755.5485x 160×27522.1011-700
JS-650SV AUTO230v2″360/120.755.5485 x 160 x 27522.1011-700A
JS-650SV MANUAL110v2″360/120.7511485 x 160 x 27522.1011-702
JS-650SV AUTO110v2″360/120.7511485 x 160 x 27522.1011-702A
JS-750SV MANUAL230v3″450/80.756.8530 x 160 x 32532.3012-751
JS-750SV AUTO230v3″450/80.756.8530 x 160 x 32532.3012-751A
JS-750SV MANUAL110v3″450/80.7513530 x 160 x 32532.3012-754
JS-750SV AUTO110v3″450/80.7513530 x 160 x 32532.3012-754A
JS-1500SV MANUAL230v3″795/91.512615 X 190 X 35741011-768
JS-1500SV AUTO230v3″795/91.512615 X 190 X 35741011-768A


JS SV Data Sheet

Additional information


JS-400SV 230v, JS-400SV 230v Automatic M/3, JS-400SV 110v, JS-400SV 110v Automatic M/3, JS-650SV 230v Manual, JS-650SV 230v Automatic M/3, JS-650SV 110v Manual, JS 650SV 110v Automatic M/3, JS-750SV 230v Manual, JS-750SV 230v Automatic M/3, JS-750SV 110v Manual, JS-750SV 110v Automatic M/3, JS-1500SV 230v Manual, JS-1500SV 230v Automatic M/3



110v, 230v

Flow Rate

351 – 400 l/min, 401 – 450 l/min, 751 – 800 l/min

Max Head

0 – 10m, 11- 20m

Pump Material

Cast Iron

Liquid Type

Dirty Water, Sewage


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