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JS RST Top Outlet Drainage Submersible Pumps 400v

The JS RST Top Outlet Drainage Submersible Pumps 400v are suitable for clean and dirty water handling, water features, and heavy-duty and drainage applications. The robust pumps feature twin mechanical seals with carbon ceramic and silicon carbide in a lubricated chamber. Comes with 10 metres of power cable.

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JS RST Top Outlet Drainage Submersible Pumps 400v have a top outlet, twin mechanical seals, carbon ceramic and silicon carbide in a lubricated chamber. The collection has a stainless steel outer case, shaft, and motor case, with a cast iron lower motor bearing/seal housing, motor top cover, and volute.

Ideal for water features, drainage applications, and clean and dirty water handling. H Versions have higher head capabilities. Complete with 10 metres of power cable. Hose tails are supplied only with models RST6, 8 and 15.


  • Cast Iron Pump Body
  • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Max Solids RST6-15 6mm
  • RST22H-75H 10mm


  • Heavy Duty
  • Clean Water
  • Dirty Water
  • Drainage

Models in this range

RST Curve


RST-6400v2″280/110.551.5420 x 190 x 19020012-006
RST-8400v2″345/180.751.8420 x 190 x 19022012-008
RST-15400v2″435/221.53.2500 X 180 X 18029012-015
RST-22400v3″850/202.24.6530 X 250 X 25052012-022
RST-37400v4″1170/233.77.9535 X 250 X 25056012-037
RST-55400v4″1670/295.511.5640 X 250 X 25090012-055
RST-75400v4″1720/327.515.2640 X 250 X 25095012-075
RST-22H400v3″765/232.24.6530 X 250 X 25052012-024
RST-37H400v3″920/293.77.9535 X 250 X 25056012-039
RST-55H400v3″1155/355.511.5640 x 250 x 25090012-059
RST-75H400v4″1310/41.57.515.2640 x 250 x 25095012-077


JS RST Data Sheet

Additional information


RST-6 400v, RST-8 400v, RST-15 400v, RST-22 400v, RST-37 400v, RST-55 400v, RST-75 400v, RST-22H 400v, RST-37H 400v, RST-55H 400v, RST-75H 400v




Flow Rate

251 – 300 l/min, 301 – 350 l/min, 401 – 450 l/min, 751 – 800 l/min, 801 – 850 l/min, 951 – 1000 l/min, 1000 l/min +

Max Head

11- 20m, 21 – 30m, 31 – 40m, 41- 50m

Pump Material

Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

Liquid Type

Clean Water, Dirty Water


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