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Pentair Jung Nocchi Priox

Introducing the Pentair Jung Priox, an all-stainless steel pump designed to efficiently pump waste water with soft solids up to 40mm. Immersed in the liquid for optimal motor cooling, this pump is perfect for sewage water pumping and cesspit emptying. Features include a silicon carbide mechanical seal, oil seal motor, and a 10m power cable. Suitable for suspended solids, cess pits, dirty water, and discharge water from toilets.

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Pentair Jung Nocchi Priox is an all-stainless steel pump used for pumping waste water containing soft solids up to 40mm. It operates while fully immersed in the pumped liquid, which works to cool the motor.

These pumps are used for pumping sewage water and emptying cesspits with the free passage of solids. It contains a silicon carbide mechanical seal and oil seal. Supplied with 10 metres of power cable. Maximum submersion depth of 7 metres. No hose tail supplied. Maximum liquid temperature 40°C.


  • Stainless Steel Pump Body
  • Stainless Steel Impeller
  • Max Solids 420/460 40mm
  • 600/800 50mm


  • Suspended Solids
  • Cesspits
  • Dirty Water
  • Discharge Water (Toilets)

Models in this range

Priox Dimensions

Priox Curve


250/8 AUTO230v1 1/2″250/80.83.6420 x 235 x 2499.4555-061
420-11 MANUAL230v2″420/110.96450 x 235 x 24911.2555-065
420-11 AUTO230v2″420/110.96450 x 235 x 24911.2555-064
420-11 MANUAL400v2″420/110.92.3450 x 235 x 24911.2555-063
460/13 MANUAL230v2″460/131.17.2450 X 235 X 24911.7555-062
460/13 AUTO230v2″460/131.17.2450 X 235 X 24911.7555-066
460/13 MANUAL400v2″460/131.17.2450 x 235 x 24911.7555-067
600/13 MANUAL400v2″600/131.23.1450 x 235 x 24912.6555-068
800/18 MANUAL400v2″800/182.45.5485 x 235 x 24920.2555-069


Pentair Jung Nocchi Priox Data Sheet

Pentair Jung Nocchi Priox User Manual

Pentair Jung Nocchi Priox Parts Drawing

Pentair Jung Nocchi Priox Parts List

Additional information


Priox 250/8 Automatic 230v, Priox 420/11 Manual 230v, Priox 420/11 Automatic 230v, Priox 420/11T Manual 400v, Priox 460/13 Manual 230v, Priox 460/13 Automatic 230v, Priox 460/13 Manual 400v, Priox 600/13 Manual 400v, Priox 800/18 Manual 400v



230v, 400v

Flow Rate

201 – 250 l/min, 401 – 450 l/min, 451 – 500 l/min, 551 – 600 l/min, 751 – 800 l/min

Max Head

0 – 10m, 11- 20m

Pump Material

Stainless Steel

Liquid Type

Dirty Water, Sewage


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