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Pentax DC High Head Centrifugal Pumps 230v

The Pentax DC High Head Centrifugal Pump 230v is a versatile and reliable solution for both domestic and industrial applications. With its freestanding and guide rail mount options, side horizontal outlet, and twin mechanical seals, this pump can handle high heads and long distances. Its cast iron body and impeller ensure durability, while its maximum liquid temperature of 40°C makes it applicable for various uses. Perfect for heavy-duty, clean water, and dirty water applications.

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Pentax DC High Head Centrifugal Pump 230v pumps can be freestanding or guide rail mounted. The pumps contain side horizontal outlets, twin mechanical seals, carbon ceramic and silicon carbide in a lubricated chamber.

Suitable for domestic and industrial applications requiring either high heads or long distances. Single-phase models have external capacitors supplied loose. Maximum immersion 20 metres. Complete with 10 metres power cable. Maximum liquid temperature 40°C. All models can be made to work automatically.

Additional Flange Kits Available


  • Cast Iron Pump Body
  • Cast Iron Impeller
  • Max Solids 10mm


  • Heavy Duty
  • Clean Water
  • Dirty Water

Models in this range

Pasted 29


DC 160230v2″600/191.113.8513 x 237 x 29135020-630
DC 210230v2″650/231.516.5513 x 237 x 29136020-632
DCT 160400v2″600/191.14.8513 X 237 X 29135020-634
DCT 210400v2″650/231.55.9513 X 237 X 29136020-636
DCT 310400v2″700/262.26.9513 x 237 x 29137020-638
DCT 410400vDN50800/3438.9595 x 237 x 35056020-640
DCT 560400vDN50850/38410.7595 x 237 x 35064020-642
DCT 750400vDN65900/475.515.3680 X 279 X 43092020-644
DCT 1000400vDN65900/557.517.5680 X 279 X 43096020-646


Pentax DC High Head Data Sheet

Pentax DC High Head User Manual


Additional information


DC160 230v, DC210 230v, DCT160 400v, DCT210 400v, DCT310 400v, DCT410 400v, DCT560 400v, DCT750 400v, DCT 1000 400v



230v, 400v

Flow Rate

551 – 600 l/min, 601 – 650 l/min, 651 – 700 l/min, 751 – 800 l/min, 801 – 850 l/min, 851 – 900 l/min

Max Head

11- 20m, 21 – 30m, 31 – 40m, 41- 50m, 51 – 60m

Pump Material

Cast Iron

Liquid Type

Clean Water, Dirty Water


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