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Mouse Vertical Float Switch

Introducing the Mouse Vertical Float Switch, the ultimate solution for precise water level control in tight spaces. With its innovative design, this float switch allows users to easily adjust the minimum and maximum levels according to their requirements. Suitable for a wide range of environments, including those with chemical substances, this versatile float switch can automate pumps, valves, alarms, and gate valves. Its compact size makes it ideal for tanks or cisterns with limited room, while its easy installation and operation, along with a 10-meter electric cable, ensure convenience and flexibility.

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Introducing the Mouse Vertical Float Switch, the perfect solution for controlling water levels in narrow spaces where regular floats struggle to operate. This innovative vertical level regulator features floating bodies that can be easily moved along the shaft, allowing users to regulate the minimum and maximum levels according to their needs. With different shaft lengths available, the Mouse Vertical Float offers unparalleled flexibility in adapting to various applications.

Designed to control water levels in a wide range of environments, including clean water, rainwater, and industrial water systems, as well as systems with water containing chemical substances, this float switch is a versatile choice for any situation. Whether you need to automate pumps, solenoid valves, alarm activation, or motorised gate valves, the Mouse Vertical Float has got you covered.

One of the key advantages of the Mouse Vertical Float is its ability to operate in confined spaces without compromising on performance. It excels in tight spaces where other float switches would struggle, making it an ideal choice for tanks or cisterns with limited room.

Adjusting the tripping levels is a breeze with the Mouse Vertical Float. Simply move the float bodies along the shaft to achieve the desired level, providing you with complete control over your water system.

To ensure easy installation and operation, the Mouse Vertical Float comes with a generous 10-meter electric cable. This allows for convenient placement and connection, giving you the flexibility to position the float switch wherever it is most effective.

Choose the Mouse Vertical Float Switch for your level control needs and experience unparalleled efficiency and versatility.




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