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MATIC Minimatic C Float Switch Double Action

MATIC Minimatic C Float Switch Double Action is a durable and reliable solution for providing level control in tanks and cisterns. With its double-action function, it can be used for both filling and emptying operations. Made with patented technology to withstand humidity and condensation, it is water-resistant up to 100 metres. Available in various cable lengths and capable of handling up to 2 hp switching load.

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The MATIC Minimatic C double-action Float Switch is ideal for emptying and filling operations. Microstart/I and Minimatic/C floats are built to withstand humidity and patented to withstand condensation. Water resistant to 100 metres depth.

A level control for filling and emptying tanks or cisterns. The equipment contains a single outer casing piece in blow moulded polyethylene. The inner chamber was built as a single blow moulded piece for the switch and ball seat. Non-hygroscopic closed cells injection of expanded polyurethane in the regulator eliminates air and hermetically seals the unit.

A maximum working pressure of 10 bar. Microstart/I floats are single-action floats.
Minimatic/C floats are double-action floats.

  • Minimatic C Floatswitch
  • Double operation for filling or emptying
  • Available in 0.5 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 30 Metre cable
  • Contacts suitable for up to 2hp switching load
  • Outer case in one piece press blown moulded moplen
  • Stainless steel ball operating on quality microswitch



Matic Minimatic C Data Sheet

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Minimatic C 3 Core 5 Mtr, Minimatic C 3 Core 10 Mtr, Minimatic C 3 Core 15 Mtr, Minimatic C 3 Core 20 Mtr, Minimatic C 3 Core 30 Mtr


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